Reikistal Kambaba Point
Reikistal Kambaba Point
Reikistal Kambaba Point
Reikistal Kambaba Point

Reikistal Kambaba Point

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    ► Approximately 2.5"-3.5"(70 mm-90 mm)

      ► Material: Kambaba

        ► Kambaba Jasper is a stone of peace, tranquility, and fertility. It reminds us of the gift of life and our connection to all living things of the present, past future. Rich in orbs and swirls of green and black, this stone is commonly used to aid in meditation.

          ► Kambaba Jasper is also an excellent meditation tool, allowing you to let go of any negative thoughts and feelings, especially those that continuously appear in your consciousness.

          Kambaba jasper is uniquegreen rhyolitic
          (volcanic) stone found in the west-central Bongolava region of Madagascar.It is full blackishirregularly shaped orbs that cause it to closelyresemble some types of stromatolite fossils

          Thin-film and X-ray diffraction analysis done at EP(Germany's gemstone testinginstitute)showsthe
          Kambaba jasper is a rhyolite ofvolcanic origin and thus can not be a stromatolite.According to the analysisitis composed of a“green ground mass of quartzpyroxene(Aegirine),as well as soda and potash spatscircular aggregates are arranged from very small amphibole
          needles”Amphibole minerals forminigneous(volcanic rocks,not sedimentary ones where fossils are found

          Kambaba Jasper is a veryeneraizing stone that
          activates our root and heart chakrasIt helpsprovide much needed healing to the heart and calming of
          negative emotions such as guilttrauma,griefjealousy anger,and sadness.This crystal helps oneachieve
          emotional balance throughout the dayand helps keep one“cool”during times of distress.