Reikistal Heart With Wings
Reikistal Heart With Wings
Reikistal Heart With Wings
Reikistal Heart With Wings
Reikistal Heart With Wings
Reikistal Heart With Wings

Reikistal Heart With Wings

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Material:Clear quartz
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    ► Approximately 4"(100 mm)

      ► Material: Crystal

        ► Unique Design Angel wing design perfect combination with the stunning heart-shaped crystal gives the simple and elegant, a great show the “guardian of love” design ideal. Eternal Love and Guardian of Love.

        ►The physiological effects of clear quartz are to help memory, promote concentration, absorb electromagnetic waves, reduce radiation, improve feng shui and so on.

        Transparent and pure clear quartz is one of the magical gifts of the earth. clear quartz is the most widely distributed and the most abundant in the whole crystal group. However, most clear quartz contains connotations such as cracks and clouds, and belongs to the quartz group in mineralogy. Its main chemical component is silica. Pure natural clear quartz has a silica content of up to 99.999%, which is called "crystal King".The main producing areas are Brazil, China, Africa and the United States.
        ►Rose quartz develops the heart wheel and strengthens the health of the heart and lung function. It can relax tension, relieve irritability, help to go deep into the heart, and find self-improving understanding. rose quartz, with its gentle and attractive pink glow, can help improve interpersonal relations and enhance popularity and business ties. It is the best tool to open doors and do business.

        Stimulation works together in the right brain to deepen the ability to think. Fluorite works wonders for headaches, migraines, headaches and boredom, helping to eliminate emotional distress. It helps remove accumulated negative energy from the body and prevents external negative energy from invading.

        ►Tigers eye makes it easier for people to make breakthroughs in their careers, learn self-discipline, overcome stress and achieve goals, and live a happy life. The flowing tiger eyes shine with wealth, with strong vitality, and have the effect of attracting wealth and warding off evil spirits.

        ►Obsidian can prevent villains, sick gas, turbid gas, avoid evil evil, is a good amulet, bad luck people wear can turn luck. Aid sleep, easy to fall asleep.

        ►Agate alleviates imbalances, makes one cherish the body, strengthens courage, endurance, and strengthens the will. Help to eliminate pressure, fatigue, turbidity and other negative performance energy.

        ►Mookite can bring people happiness and confidence, relieve gastrointestinal discomfort, make people full of vitality and creativity, and strengthen personal ability

        ►Labradorite can stimulate our potential, with calm, firm, long-wave energy characteristics, for easy fatigue, often poor physical strength, help to strengthen the vitality, physical strength, endurance.