Reikistal Carnelian Flame
Reikistal Carnelian Flame
Reikistal Carnelian Flame
Reikistal Carnelian Flame
Reikistal Carnelian Flame

Reikistal Carnelian Flame

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► Material: Carnelian 

► Size: 2''-2.5'' (50-60mm)

► Weight: 80-90g

► This Carnelian Flame crystal is the ideal tool for energy healing, amplifying its user's energy and creating a protective shield from negative vibes. It is comprised of natural Carnelian crystal, known for stimulating creativity and motivation while emanating a powerful, calming energy. The flame itself provides a unique, eye-catching aesthetic.

In ancient timesthe orangeCarnelianstonehastaken up the mantle of many roles.The Egyptiansconsidered the Orange Carnelian to beblessedwith
feminine energy and the menstrual cycleit was a stone of fertility and linked to the power of lsis.The masculine Red Carnelian was said to be more activein its power and less about shedding the old and embracing the fiery energy of the newIt was there to stimulatelove and passion.Warriors would string Carnelian around their neck to give them courage in battle
Out of Ancient Egypt and into the Middle Ages and Carnelian became a stone of alchemyThewizeneo ones would boil up the bright autumnalenergyto
kickstart the powers of other chalcedonystonesltwas also beloved by architects and worn to symbolizestatus in societyWith its protective firesCarnelian wasalso used as a preventative against sickness and the plaque Further cementing its lore as a stone that brings out the longevity of life and the fighting spirit.The name of Carnelian comes from the Latin word meaning'flesh which perhaps speaks to itsreminder that we areflesh and blood and we should make the most ofthe here and now.