Reikistal Selenite Wand
Reikistal Selenite Wand
Reikistal Selenite Wand
Reikistal Selenite Wand

Reikistal Selenite Wand

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    ► Approximately 4.5''-5.5'' (110-140mm)

      ► Material: Selenite

        Selenite is essential for cleaning our aura, as the wand is a shape that directs the flow of energy. Especially if you are sensitive to the emotional or spatial energies of others, cleaning your aura with a selenite wand will remove low vibrational energies from you.

          Selenite has an exceptionally high and pure vibration that promotes super-consciousness. It connects us to our highest self, our spiritual teacher, and illuminates the mystical path between us and God. Selenite propels us forward, constantly asking us to be the smart and dynamic people we are capable of being.

            Hold the wand in your hand, above your head, and slowly pass it down in front of you. Trust your intuition how close it is to your body when you put it on your feet. If there's a spot that feels like a "bump" or feels resistant, just go back to that spot a few times and go down to the floor. Repeat to all four sides of the body and enjoy the fresh calm that selenite provides.